Monday, July 13, 2015

this just happened!

We just hosted an amazing meal here at the farm - With Chef Tim Wastell and an top notch crew from outstanding in the field and a fist full of guest chefs! Thank you ALL for your amazing art! 

Tim you are one of Portland's FINEST!!! 

And a HUGE thank you to all the guests who flew in from all over the country for this amazing day! and thank you all that took home wine!

there was cherry wood smoked chicken in the infamous smoker! 

my cute hubs helpin' set up! : )

 there was a beautiful table 

albacore, cucumbers and melon!! 
 buratta peaches and tomatoes and frikeh! thanks to all the farmers! Baird family, square peg and ground work...

 there where also three other amazing dishes including the cherry wood smoked chicken!!

and dessert with 'honey crack' made with big table farm honey in cooperation with bee local! 

  fabulous guests! 

the dogs may have gotten a few treats ... 

brian and I in our 'grubbies' just an hour before the big event... : ) 

and I truly enjoyed the leftovers on Sunday when I recovered in the hammock... I counted my blessings till I fell asleep -- THANK YOU all for the magical day!!

All these photos below are taken by the amazing Andrea Johnson

 my sweet hubs greeting folks with rose! 

Beef tartar! : ) 

 Duane helped me with the boys so I was free to play hostess! : ) thanks duane and chuck!

 Brian and I got to sneak in a quick cart ride between the farm tour and sitting for the meal!
 that was super fun : )  
(and Kristy I made some adjustments and it's not so bumpy anymore)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

some snapshots of summer so far!

Preston and his awesome old truck picking up hay!  

Preston, Jeff and I on the last load of the first 10 ton we put up : ) 

Preston loading bales on the hay elevator he gave us while jeff and I fill up the loft : ) 

Duane gave me a pony cart to drive the boys single ... : ) super fun!!

the yet to be named second bull calf out of daisy : ) 

Shorty the first of the spring calfs

Me and Chef Shiloh at the farm with his amazing mobile pizza oven!!

the last night of hay was a little on the late side - we got 40tons up there this year! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a little trip down memory lane on a horse...

I was rooting though some old boxes I found some early pictures of my horse addiction... 

annie belle and a shirtless me ~ age 6 I think... 

This was Leo - he was a very special horse who totally stole my heart !!! he and I were peas and carrots... ; ) I think I'm 12 or 13 here... although the first  love of my driving life was stardust no photo of her sadly but this is about what she and I looked like all summer long... hours of fun!!! she was a miniature donkey!! and the most strong willed animal I ever drove! : ) she was AWESOME! and more of a show off than me! and that's somethin'

after this there was a Morgan called Donagan.. a cart in the summer and a toboggan in the winter months ~ wish I had a photo of him...
 this early hobby turned into a way to make money in college... 

I wish I had a photo from my old carriage driving days in Philly but this is what my young 20's  looked like most nights weekends and summers ... I drove for '76 carriage Co in Philadelphia..

I did find my 'carriage permit' : ) 

then oregon ...
 there was chief (ahh the bumpy road he was)

 and now the boys...  (along with a few other borrowed horses along the way)
it's been a fun journey and so many great horses!

and the journey continues -- thanks to all my horsey friends who have been on the journey with me... special thanks to Duane, Sara and Laura  - here's to the great memories!! 
and here's to the amazing horses!